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  Repaired archives pocketpc
  Downloads for Mini vMac Plus 2.8.2 and Mini vMac Plus 2.6.1 have been repaired and Windows XP should now correctly extract the files from the archives.
Thanks to Richard for reporting the problem.
  Pocket PC Projects on hold default
  I must sadly put all my Windows Mobile/Pocket PC projects on hold, due to the fact that I can't afford 800+ euros for something I can use nights and weekends.
Modern devices are too costy themselves and there are no free tools for creating decent WM6 applications.
I am now experimenting with Palm OS and ejoying it.
  Zip files being fixed default
  It has been reported that some zip archives (in particular, Mini vMac VGA) couldn't be opened with Windows XP integrated zip support.
All files are being replaced with working versions.
Please report any problem via e-mail.
  (Non) game "Shuffle!" published cbm
  I've decided to publish my contribute to the Commodore 64 Crap Game Competition on this site. "Shuffle!" is now available for download in the "Software" section.  
  Site updates default
  FrostZ Readme file has been restored and is now possible to download it, sorry for the inconvenience. I'm also trying to fix the site for Internet Explorer...  
  Mini vMac on PocketPC Videos pocketpc
  I've been happy to see Gerard Van Schip and others posting videos of Mini vMac running on their PocketPCs on YouTube.
Here are a few links to such videos:
  New site and new host default
  The site has now a totally new look, but not only. It is now dynamic, thanks to PHP and MySQL, so it will be easier to mantain and update it.  

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