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FrostZ FrostZ is probably the most enhanced Z-Machine interpreter for the Windows Mobile platform. It supports sound, MCGA V6/V7 graphics, special characters and much more!
Jean-Pierre deFault
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Frostz 1.1c   Frostz 1.1c
Installer for the latest version of Frostz.
File size: 191.5 Kb
Downloaded: 2008 times
Frostz 1.1c source   Frostz 1.1c source
Embedded Visual C++ source code and project files for the latest version of Frostz.
File size: 594.2 Kb
Downloaded: 816 times
Frostz Readme   Frostz Readme
Readme, changelog and license notes about Frostz.
File size: 3.2 Kb
Downloaded: 1652 times
Jean-Pierre deFault
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Jean-Pierre deFault
  System requirements Icon
Requirements Supported systems:
- Windows Mobile 2003
- Windows Mobile 2003 SE
- Windows Mobile 5
Supported resolutions:
- 240x320
- 480x640 (stretched)
Jean-Pierre deFault
  Credits Icon
  Copyright ©2005-2006 by Fabio Concas.
Portions are Copyright © by William H. Johnson, Rich Lawrence, Stefan Jokisch, Paul C. Pratt and Mark Howell.
Jean-Pierre deFault
  Donation Icon
If you find my software useful and/or entertaining, please consider donating a small sum.
Even the smallest contributions keep coders interested in developing open source software.

No animals have been hurt in the coding of FrostZ.
If you don't have a PayPal account or a credit card, you're more than welcome to donate things such as original Mac or Infocom games, hardware or anything you find cool via snail mail. Just drop me an e-mail and I'll give you my address.
Thank you!
Jean-Pierre deFault

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